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Obrona Terytorialna

*"The Nation owes itself defense from an assault to keep its entirety. Therefore all citizens are defenders of integrity and national liberties."*

This is the message of the authors of the Polish Constitution of May 3, 1791 (first modern constitution in Europe and second in the world after the American of 1787) who accurately, but unfortunately too late realized that only a fifty-thousand-strong professional army cannot defend the Fatherland. To avoid the same mistake, which was made by our ancestors 220 years ago when that message was created, there shall be a proactive initiative. Since there are opportunities and time to spur the Polish citizens into action, on August 3, 2010 a group of people originated from the Polish Rifle Squads (The Riflemen's Association “Strzelec”, The Polish Gymnastic Society "Sokół” - Falcon) decided to run the project “*ObronaNarodowa.pl Association - Movement for the Home (National) Guard”*. Our main mission is to respond to the challenge of creation of the volunteer territorial army (Home Guard), as a component of the national defense system.

We perform this mission both (1) through awareness campaigns among the Polish society on how important value is a state’s effective defense capability and how necessary is volunteer army – Home (National) Guard, and (2) through direct activities related to integration of pro defensive organizations, groups and units to be implemented by means of joint training and events.

Inspirations to our mission are the following words of creators of the Polish Home Guard concept - prof. Jozef Marczak and prof. Ryszard Jakubczak:

* *

*To achieve the strategic defense advantage by Poland, ensuring reliable and effective deterrence, protection and defense of Poland and for the execution of the NATO joint defense tasks it is essential to implement a two-component structure of the armed forces, made up of an elite and mobile standing army and a national volunteer force - territorial army (Home Guard).*

* *

The main objectives of our Association:
- activities for the Polish independence and strengthening
- activities for implementation of the volunteer territorial army (Home Guard) as an integral component of the national defense system
- awareness campaigns on implementing the volunteer territorial army (Home Guard)
- new law initiatives related to the national volunteer territorial army, in particular on the National Territorial Defense System
- training of youth and other citizens for the volunteer service in territorial forces and the National Reserve Forces, as well for the other uniformed services
educating our members in the spirit of patriotism and around values ​​such as the motto of the Polish Armed Forces: God, Honor, Fatherland.